LOCUS Online:

LOCUS Online is Deerfield's cloud-based solution. This solution can be rapidly deployed and provides organizations with a central repository of their assessment data which can be downloaded and imported into EHR's for further data mining. For more details on LOCUS online, its features, and plans download the LOCUS Online Subscription Offerings PDF on our resources page.


Electronic Health Record (Ehr) / Other Integrations:

When it comes to EHR integrations there are two options.

Vendor based Integrations

Vendor based integrations are possible when Deerfield has an existing partnership with Your EHR / software vendor. In these situations the vendor created the solution and had it certified by Deerfield for use across its customer base. If your vendor has LOCUS available within it's platform and you would like to use it you will need to contact Deerfield to obtain a license to use the tool. Please be sure to verify if your EHR Vendor is on our list of Certified Partners. The list can be found on our resources page. If your EHR Vendor is not on our list Deerfield would be happy to work with your EHR vendor to get LOCUS integrated into their system.

Customer/Provider based Integrations

A customer/Provider based integration is an option for any customer who's EHR or equivalent software package provides the native ability through its customization tools to build the LOCUS / CALOCUS assessments. In these cases Deerfield will work directly with your organization to assist you with the reproduction and certification of your deployment.


Deerfield offers an API for developers looking to implement the LOCUS assessments in their custom solutions. If you are interested using our API please reach out to [email protected]


LOCUS on Premises:

For larger organizations with very high volume, workflow challenges, or security concerns we offer an on-premise version of our tool as well.

For information on pricing give us a call at 814.878.2020. For more information on training visit our training pages.

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