The LOCUS instruments are designed to be easily understood and used. They operationalize the thought process used by experienced clinicians to reach decisions regarding service needs.

Why then, is training strongly recommended? LOCUS Training familiarizes users with the underlying logic and structure of the instrument. It demonstrates the interaction between the dimensions of assessment and the mechanics of the placement algorithm.

As with all assessment processes, ambiguities will arise. Training helps clinicians process those ambiguities within the parameters of the scoring system in a uniform manner, therefore assuring highly reliable results. It also clarifies the schedules for the ongoing reassessment that ensures an accurate determination of need. Training also provides opportunities to practice applying information from clinical examples to the rating process, allowing users to resolve any questions that arise with trainers, prior to its application in actual clinical transactions.


Schedule Training

Clinical Training on LOCUS and CALOCUS is now provided by the AACP.   For information on training please contact:

Stephanie Smit-Dillard
[email protected]
or visit


 If you are an existing Deerfield customer with a LOCUS training contract please reach out to Matt Monago ([email protected]) for instructions on accessing the training as this training has been automated.  We are working on automating the CALOCUS training at this time, until that is completed please use the link below to book your CALOCUS Training.

click HERE to schedule your CALOCUS training



*Training on the LOCUS family of tools is only provided to organizations that are licensed to use the tools. If your organization does not currently have a license please reach out to [email protected] to obtain a license.